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Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mediation is an informal process in which parties, their counsel and a trained third party mediator (who is also law trained) meet and attempt to resolve the parties’ disputes without court involvement.  Mediation is required in any divorce case before parties may proceed to trial for final resolution of their disputes.  Parties often choose to mediate early in the divorce process to try to resolve their conflict before expending time and resources litigating in court.  Sometimes, multiple days of mediation or multiple separate mediations are required in order for the parties to full resolve all issues in their case.  Mediation can be a very effective way for parties creatively address their disputes and formulate a resolution that works for them, their children and the specific circumstances of their lives.  Mediation allows the parties in a family law action to take control of their case and make mutual decisions about resolving their disputes.  This can often lead to much more desirable and cost-effective solutions to litigation.  

Mediating Hundreds of Cases

The lawyers at Jennings & Medura and mediated hundreds of cases using only the most experienced and qualified mediators in the area of family law.  We often obtain highly favorable results for our clients by utilizing our decades of experience in the mediation process.

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