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Our Divorce Attorneys Understand You

Divorce is not easy. It means drastic change in the lives of the individual and the family involved. The legal process may seem daunting and depressing. At Jennings & Medura, we understand the difficult adjustments that need to be made. That is why we believe that the best method of handling divorce is with quality and efficiency. We are known and respected in the field. We are not strangers to difficult situations, or stressful confrontations. Our responsibility is to our clients, and the solutions we can help them find.

Divorce Mediation

For the most amicable resolution, spouses should consider negotiating the terms of their divorce. Rather than doing this in front of a judge, where the outcome could be outside the control of both spouses and cause lasting resentment, the parties can place the process in the hands of a mediator who acts as a neutral third party. The mediator can’t make any binding decisions; he or she is just there to facilitate communication and an acceptable compromise. When spouses reach an agreement in mediation, the court will generally respect those decisions, with few exceptions.

If you are seeking to enter into divorce mediation in the Salt Lake City or Ogden area, contact Jennings & Medura to get the process started.

With Efficiency and Competence

We work through the intimidating legal system with efficiency and competence. We have over thirty years of experience in family law. We believe in providing the best solutions to our clients’ conflicts, and we understand that the financial and emotional burden of divorce can take its toll on those involved. While we hope to avoid the high cost of litigation, we know that at times it may be necessary in order to resolve issues. We are adept at managing and litigating every aspect of divorce.

Courts require mediation in all divorce cases. For consultation about divorce and children, or any other aspect of family law, the divorce attorneys at Jennings & Medura proudly serve clients in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, and surrounding areas. We are convenient to individuals in need along the Wasatch Front.

We have extensive experience in high-conflict custody, financial disputes, and every aspect of divorce procedures. For a 30-minute consultation, fill out the form to the right, or contact us to learn more.

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