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Adoption is the legal process where the court appoints new parents for a minor or adult.  Adoptive parents become legally the same as biological parents in every way.  The court will even order that birth certificates are changed to reflect the new parent or parents.

In Utah, Adoptions generally occur in one of three settings: DCFS adoptions, private adoptions, and step-parent adoptions.  DCFS adoptions are when foster parents file a petition to adopt, usually after the Division of Child and Family Services has already been involved in a case before the Juvenile Court.  Private adoptions involve either a couple or an individual seeking to adopt a child, usually with the parent’s consent.  Step-parent adoptions are when a spouse petitions to adopt their stepchild or stepchildren.

Adoptions convey a great deal of legal advantages, as well as responsibilities.  Our attorneys will be happy to discuss all of your adoption options with you so you can make an informed decision.

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